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 Auto CPAP machines (APAP) will automatically adjust its pressure settings throughout the night to achieve the necessary pressure needed to keep the airway open. Each night may differ on what pressure is needed to keep the airway open due to a multitude of issue such as alcohol intake, volume of alcohol used, medications and many more. The Auto CPAP uses an algorithm that detects airway closure, increasing or decreasing the pressure provided to the user. This technology is ideal for any user as it will adjust with you with any changes in your sleep apnea therapy needs. Users may have lifestyle changes as well as weight loss or weight gain that could affect the amount of pressure needed to keep the airway open. Since the Auto CPAP adjusts each night, it will adjust with each user’s lifestyle or medical changes ultimately promoting a better quality sleep.

As mentioned above. weight fluctuation can cause you to need a pressure adjustment. The Auto CPAP machine will do that for you without the need of undergoing another sleep study or constant follow up with your sleep physician. The pressure range for an Auto CPAP is 4 to 20cm/H2O (water pressure) and can be adjusted according to your pressure needs over time. The machine can also be set to a fixed pressure meaning it would not adjust throughout the night, but simply supply one set pressure to the user. There are many different brands of Auto CPAP machines and no matter which brand you opt for, the machine will provide the necessary pressure assisting you with your sleep apnea therapy.

How does an APAP Machine Work?

An auto-adjusting airway pressure machine (APAP) has a sensor located in the machine that will detect your breathing patterns. Basically, it can sense when there is no airflow and recognizes the user needs a pressure adjustment. Each manufacturer or brand has a different technique to achieving the pressure detection and is ultimately the main difference between the machines. Each machine will detect a need for a pressure adjustment, it is just a matter of how long it takes the machine to recognize the need, breath by breath, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. The Auto CPAP will adjust with your lifestyle or medical changes making it the ideal method of therapy for sleep apnea.

Therapy-tracking software within the machine allows for the treating physician to monitor a user’s nightly, weekly or monthly progress while using the machine. Tracking software allows information to be obtained to ensure the proper pressure ranges are being set for each user. The Auto CPAP also has a heated humidifier that provides a level of humidity to the user through the tube and into the mask. Humidification will make using a CPAP machine more comfortable for most users.

What Is the Difference Between APAP and Fixed CPAP?

Fixed CPAP is a machine that is set at one single pressure and is typically based off a CPAP Titration done in a sleep lab. An APAP (Auto CPAP) can be prescribed without a CPAP Titration because it essentially titrates the user each night finding the ample amount of pressure to keep the airway open and free of apnea.

What Is the Best APAP Machine?

There is no such thing as the “Best” Auto CPAP Machine as it solely is based on a user’s preference and how they feel while using the machine. The machines end up doing the same thing in the end, so it ultimately comes down to a user’s budget, travel needs, appearance requirements and machine’s options.

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