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Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine from React Health

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Luna G3 Auto CPAP Machine from React Health (w/cpap & auto modes)


The Luna G3 APAP Machine by React Health—is an innovative, streamlined auto-adjusting CPAP device designed to optimize your sleep apnea treatment. With its sleek and compact dimensions of only 10.4" x 5.7" x 4.5" and a weight of just 3.75 lbs, the Luna G3 takes up minimal space on your bedside table and is effortlessly portable for your travel needs. By continuously monitoring your breathing patterns, this auto CPAP machine, the Luna G3, dynamically adjusts pressure settings to effectively prevent breathing disruptions.  This unit has 2 modes....fixed pressure cpap and auto modes.

The Luna G3 boasts an integrated heated humidifier featuring a detachable 360 ml water chamber, conveniently located on the side of the machine. With a simple push-and-release mechanism, the water chamber can be easily removed for refilling or maintenance. The device's user-friendly interface consists of a sizable LCD display and a control knob positioned to the right of the screen, enabling effortless navigation through menu settings. Additionally, a prominent start/stop button on the top of the machine initiates therapy instantly.

On the home screen, users can view their CPAP therapy settings, including the therapy mode, prescribed pressure, and Reslex settings. This clear display eliminates any confusion and ensures that users remain well-informed about their sleep apnea therapy parameters.


    • -The Integrated Heated Humidifier with Heated Tubing ensures moisture and prevents dryness and condensation buildup.
    • -With the inclusion of a Built-in Cellular Modem, the device can transmit compliance data and allows for remote adjustment of settings (only available in the LG3600 model).
    • -Offers both Auto CPAP and Standard CPAP Modes, providing flexibility for individual needs.
    • -Features a User-Friendly Interface and operates silently at only 26 decibels, ensuring a comfortable experience.
    • -Sleep therapy data can be easily accessed either by downloading it via an SD card or using the 3B Luna QR Code App.
    • -Reslex Pressure Relief function reduces exhalation pressure, enhancing overall comfort during use.
    • -Auto Ramp Feature gradually increases pressure after sleep onset, promoting a more comfortable transition.
    • -Simple-Release Water Chamber allows for easy filling without detaching it from the machine.

The Luna G3 offers a heated humidifier with versatile options for humidification. It includes an automatic setting that adjusts the humidity level based on the surrounding environment, ensuring optimal humidity levels for your comfort. In addition, there are five fixed humidity levels to choose from, providing further customization. For added convenience, users can preheat the humidifier for 30 minutes before starting their therapy session. The machine is compatible with all non-heated tubing that has standard 22mm cuffs. However, to prevent condensation or rainout in the CPAP tube and mask, it is recommended to use heated tubing. The good news is that the Luna G3 comes with heated tubing as a standard accessory, ensuring you have everything you need for an effective and comfortable sleep apnea therapy experience.

The machine offers a range of comfort features and settings to ensure a personalized and enjoyable therapy experience. These features include Reslex, Ramp Time/Auto Ramp, and Auto On. Reslex is designed to enhance comfort by reducing pressure during exhalation, making breathing easier. Users have the option to turn off this feature or adjust it from levels 1 to 3, with each level corresponding to a specific amount of pressure reduction during exhalation. The Ramp feature gradually increases the pressure from a lower, more comfortable initial level to the prescribed therapy pressure over a set Ramp Time, which can be adjusted between 0 and 60 minutes. On the other hand, the Auto Ramp feature is an enhanced version that starts with a lower pressure setting and only increases it once the user has fallen asleep.

Another convenient comfort feature is Auto On, which enables hands-free therapy initiation by simply breathing into the CPAP mask. This eliminates the need for manual activation and ensures a seamless start to your sleep apnea therapy session.

The Luna G3 APAP machine provides users with multiple convenient options to access their sleep data and monitor their therapy progress. Users can download the React Health Luna QR Code app, available for both iOS and Android devices, and scan the QR code generated by the machine. This allows them to effortlessly access their compliance report and stay informed about their therapy performance. \n \nAlternatively, users can utilize the web-based iCode Connect program, accessible through any internet browser. iCode Connect offers two methods for generating reports: downloading the data from the SD card or inputting the unique 16-digit iCode, which can be found under the "Report" icon on the home screen. With these accessible data access options, users can easily track their progress and ensure they are meeting their therapy goals. 

More Information
Manufacturer  React Health
Machine Pressure 4 to 20 cmH2O (in 0.5 cmH2O increments)
Battery Option Yes
Warranty Term 2 Year
Heated Hose Option Yes
Therapy Modes CPAP, Auto-CPAP
Ramp Yes
Leak Compensation No
Exhalation Relief Yes
DC Capable No
FAA Compliant No
Auto Start Yes
Auto Stop Yes
AC Power 100V - 240V ~, 50Hz / 60 Hz, 2 A
Altitude Compensation  Auto
Sound Level 26.6 dBA
Dimensions - Machine with Humidifier (L x W x H): 10.43" × 5.70" × 4.48"
Weight - Machine with Humidifier 2.75 lbs
Data Storage Content No
Water Chamber Capacity 380 mL
Warranty   2 years

Included With This Machine

  • (1) Luna G3 Auto CPAP with Humidifier
  • (1) Water Chamber
  • (1) Luna Foam Filter
  • (1) CPAP Tubing Hose
  • (1) Luna G3 Power Supply with Power Cord

Recommended Replacement Schedule

    • Filters: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
    • Hose Tubing: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)
    • Water Chamber: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)