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ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP Machine

The ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet™ CPAP Machine can be seen as an intuitive device that is changing lives. With improved health technology and enhanced support features, this revolutionary machine is set to revolutionize the way end-users experience their Sleep Apnea Therapy.
Featuring a multi-functional design, the AirSense™ 11 offers a multitude of advanced features that take your comfort and convenience during sleep therapy to the next level. The advanced AutoSet™ Algorithm features an auto-titrating pressure setting which adjusts airflow levels automatically throughout the night based on your needs. For added comfort, the device also offers a Gentle Flow setting which delivers low starting pressure until you fall asleep.
Once you start using this sleek and compact CPAP device, you’ll have access to personalized therapy settings designed to suit your individual needs. Moreover, it comes with three different therapy modes compatible for both men and women – AutoSet™, AutoSet™ for Her, and Traditional CPAP mode - so you can switch up between them whenever you like and find what works best for you. This device also has an integrated humidifier that can be controlled manually or automatically with the Climate Control feature . 

Looking towards the future with advancement in technology and efficiency, touchscreen controls have been introduced and replace the cumbersome knobs and buttons.  Simply tap the screen to start and stop your sleep apnea therapy as well as adjust comfort with features like Auto Ramp, Smart Start & Stop, EPR, Climate Control and Mask Fit.  Another feature which has been introduced is the new AutoSet™ Algorithm which is an enhanced feature.  This additional mode was designed with female users in mind.  The AutoSet™ Algorithm accounts for the differences in how OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) is shown in women for a more select sleep therapy.  This is one of three sleep therapy settings.

The unit also has an over-the-air upgrade capability that gives you the opportunity to directly receive maintenance and feature updates without even having to move your device! (Internet connectivity required). Apart from this, the AirSense™ also Includes access to the ResMed myAir™ platform which is an online support program and app that uses data from your machine to let you know how you slept the night before, and based on this, will provide you with unique coaching tips and advice. Integrated into this platform is also myAir™'s Personal Therapy Assistant that will assist you through device setup as well as helping you to troubleshoot common issues, helping you to get the best possible results from your sleep therapy.

    • -Touch Screen Technology
    • -AutoSet™ Algorithm
    • -Expiratory Pressure Relief Delivers Enhanced Comfort
    • -SmartStart (Just breathe in and the AirSense™ 11 will automatically start.)
    • -Smart Stop (machine will automatically turn off when you remove your mask.)
    • -Built in Heated Humidifier
    • -myAir™ App offers Sleep Reports and Secure Data Transfer
    • -Free Coaching and Assistance Through Care Check-In Feature
    • -EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) - Reduces the pressure when you exhale.
  • -Quick and Easy to use. This CPAP is very User Friendly
  • -Disposable Filter Lasts 6 Months
  • -Humidifier Offers Manual or Auto Settings
  • -Sleek Modern Design
  • -Humidification - Climate control auto setting
  • -Auto Ramp - Slowly eases the user into higher pressures by starting out on a low setting.
  • -Mask Fit - This feature allows the user to know when an air leak has occurred.
  • -ClimateLineAir Tubing (Optional) - Heated tubing that helps reduce CPAP side effects like rainout or dry mouth
Ideal For:
  • -Those looking for the best in Sleep Apnea therapy treatment.
  • -People looking for an all in one Sleep Apnea therapy solution that can be completely managed from the comfort of your own home
  • -Those looking for a CPAP with a built in humidifier
  • -Patients looking for convenience when managing their Sleep Apnea therapy results.
What's Included:
  • 1 x ResMed AirSense™ 11 Machine
  • 1 x AirSense™ 11 Water Chamber
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Standard CPAP tubing
  • 1 x ResMed User Manual
  • 1 x Filter
  • 1 x Travel Bag
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Manufacturer ResMed
Product Model AirSense™ 11
SKU 39000
Product Weight 2.5 lbs.
Product Dimensions 3.72 (H) X 10.21 (W) X 5.45 in. (D)
Auto Start Yes
Auto Stop Yes
Operating, Transport, and Storage Temperatures +41°F to +95°F (+5°C to +35°C)
Setting Capability 4 to 20 cmH2O (4 to 20 hPa)
Ramp Yes
Sound Level (dBa) 27 dBA (Quiet)
Mobile Phone App  Yes
FAA Compliant  Yes
Modem  Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Tubing Options Standard, Slimline, or Heated Tubing