Collection: Full Face CPAP Masks

Full face style CPAP masks provide a seal from the bridge of the nose, along the cheek line and covers the mouth. Silicone or Gel cushions provide comfort and stability when contacting your face. These masks are primarily for users that need to receive positive airway pressure by both the nose and mouth. The full style is recommended for users who cannot only breathe in and out of the nose, otherwise known as mouth breathing or customers who have a deviated septum. These masks are highly recommended for BiPAP and CPAP users who are on high-pressure settings that may blow the mouth open during sleep. The full style interface will assist users who suffer from dry mouth, which is often seen with nasal designs.

Compared to nasal CPAP masks, full face CPAP masks are heavier and bulkier to accommodate both the nose and mouth. You might need this type if you breathe through your mouth when you sleep, if your mouth drops open as you sleep, or if your nose is frequently congested due to seasonal allergies or colds.

Determining the most comfortable mask is solely dependent on the user’s facial structure and preferences. One user’s face can tolerate different contact points of a CPAP mask that another user could not tolerate. Full Face mask contact points are from the bridge of the nose, down the cheeks and around the mouth, so finding the right fit will be a determining factor on your comfort.

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