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Vitera Full Face Mask from Fisher & Paykel

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Vitera Full Face Mask from Fisher & Paykel

F&P Vitera is designed to give you confidence in your CPAP or BiPAP therapy, and give you more comfort than ever for great night's sleep. Vitera's core components feature VentiCool Headgear for a more comfortable experience and VisiBlue highlighting that make mask assembly and maintenance a snap.

Standard and under-the-nose full face CPAP masks have a narrow vertical support zone that can lead to unwanted leaks, pinching, over-tightening, and ultimately an uncomfortable, and unsuccessful, sleep apnea therapy experience. F&P Vitera includes Dynamic Support, with a RollFit XT Seal and Stability Bar, that expands the support zone allowing the mask to adjust through the night for comfortable, successful sleep therapy.

Benefits And Features

  • Adaptable Comfort Seal - The updated RollFit XT cushion seal rolls back and forth on the bridge of your nose allowing freedom of movement while the soft silicone seal adapts to your specific sleeping position. This maintains a comfortable seal while also reducing the possibility of mask leaks. Less pressure on your face means less soreness when you wake up. Available in 3 sizing options, find the ideal size for your facial features. Unsure which size is best for you? Download our sizing guide and determine which size cushion will provide the most effective cushion seal minimizing mask leaks while maximizing comfort.
  • Cool and Comfortable Headgear - Uniquely designed with all new VentiCool technology, the Vitera headgear offers you a breathable fabric unlike any other CPAP mask available! Heat and moisture quickly escape through the head strap keeping you cool and comfortable every night. Choose one of 2 available sizes, Small or Medium/Large, for the most secure and effective fit.
  • Dynamic Stability - Achieve undeniable stability with the low-profile forehead stability bar that keeps your cushion seal in place no matter the sleeping position you choose. A stable seal minimizes mask leaks while providing you the support you deserve out of your CPAP mask.
  • Ease of Use - Easily slide the forehead clip on and off without losing the personalized fit originally determined best for you. This reduces the possibility of your headgear getting tangled and saves you the hassle of resizing your headgear every night. The new headgear clips with tactile grips assist you in positioning the headgear onto the mask frame. Finally, the Vitera introduces VisiBlue, a color cue that guides you through mask assembly on key mask components. Spend less time fitting and assembling your mask every night and more time enjoying the quiet rest you have been looking for.

Optimal Replacement Schedule 

        • Cushion: Every 1-2 Months (or as needed)
        • Headgear: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)
        • Complete Mask: Every 9 Months (or as needed)
        • Tube Hose: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)