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Breas Z1 & Z2 PowerShell With Extended Life Battery

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Breas Z1 & Z2 PowerShell With Extended Life Battery

The Extended Life Battery is a rechargeable, lithium ion battery that integrates with a PowerShell to provide a fully integrated battery option for Z1 & Z2 Series CPAP Machines. With twice the capacity of the original, this Extended Life Battery give you more sleep therapy time with your CPAP away from fixed power sources. Take it on the plane for overseas travel, in your backpack for overnight camping or in your saddle bag for motorcycle road trips.

USAGE: A PowerShell, available elsewhere on this site, is required to use this Battery Module.

CHARGING: To charge a Extended Life Battery Module, insert the Z1 or Z2 CPAP and the Battery Module into the PowerShell; then plug the AC power supply into a wall outlet, and place the CPAP in standby mode (the display will read 0.0). A fully depleted battery may take up to 8 hours to recharge. For complete care and use instructions, refer to the manual that came with your equipment. \n

Battery Module Specs:
    • Lithium Ion Battery
    • Weight - 15.5 oz. (440g)
    • Battery Capacity -99.4 WH (Watt hours)
    • Operating Temperature - 41°-95°-F/5°-35°C
    • Run-Time - 8+ hours
    • Lifetime: approximately 300 charge / discharge cycle

Included In The Package

    • (1) HDM Z1 PowerShell Battery Cradle
    • (1) PowerShell Battery Module
  • A lanyard so that you can hang the Z1 while it is inside the PowerShell. Hang it from your headboard, a tent-pole, the armrest of your seat while flying.