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Snugell CPAP Mask Gel Nose Pads 

Snugell’s Gel Nose Pads for CPAP mask users helps with nose soreness and skin irritation! Made from ultra-soft flexible gel material, these gel pads are designed to improve your mask seal and ease pressure points caused by traditional-style, over-the-nose CPAP masks. Snugell’s Gel Nose Pads are a simple but effective solution for a comfortable CPAP experience!

Snugell Gel Nose Pads Features and Benefits:

  • Protects the Nose
  • Improves Mask Seal
  • Prevents CPAP Mask Damage
  • Long-Lasting
  • Quality Materials
  • Compatible With Most CPAP Masks
  • 5 Pads are Included 

Protects the Nose: Gel nose pads reduce red marks and skin irritation. They are designed to sit on the bridge of the nose, acting as a protective barrier between your skin and your CPAP mask. 

Improves Mask Seal: Getting a good mask seal around the top of the nose can be tricky. A gel nose pad can provide extra cushioning in a very bony area, allowing your cushion to create a stronger seal. 

Prevents CPAP Mask Damage: Using a protective gel pad between your CPAP mask and face protects your mask cushion from building up debris from the sweat, dirt, germs, and facial oils that sit on your face.

Long-Lasting: You can use each Snugell nose pad up to 15 times before needing replacement. With each pack containing 5 nose pads, you get a total of 75 nights of comfort!

Quality Materials: Rest assured, these gel nose pad liners are silicone-free and made with non-toxic materials, including natural rubber latex.

Compatible With Most CPAP Masks: These gel nose pads are compatible with any CPAP mask that covers the bridge of your nose, such as traditional full face masks and traditional nasal CPAP masks.