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Enjoy better sleep with flexible, non-invasive advanced mouth tape! The convenient design of HUSH strips expertly eliminates mouth breathing. Oral breathing causes the positions of the mandible and tongue to change. When this happens, your teeth and jaw are no longer in equilibrium. This is a recipe for disaster! Nose breathing is much healthier and guarantees the sweet relief of a good nights sleep! Purchase these highly effective sleeping disorder mouth strips to combat chronic fatigue, dry mouth, and sore throat.  Each box contains 32 sleep strips.

HUSH strips help you breathe better, sleep better, and feel better! These handy additions go a long way toward helping you get the rest that is needed to feel refreshed in the morning. Nasal breathing is ideal for many reasons. Your nose filters the air you breathe, ultimately relieving muscle tension and stress. The way you breathe determines the quality of sleep you get every night!

HUSH strips are made of medical-grade nonwoven fabric with gentle easy-release adhesive. Our strips are easy to use, hypoallergenic, and repositionable. Superior HUSH strips never leave behind gross sticky adhesive. These handy strips are not a treatment for sleep apnea but are helpful in combination with a CPAP, nose dilator, or oral appliance. Wash and dry your lips before removing the strip from the liner. Once removed, close your mouth and turn your lips slightly inward. Apply the strip and press firmly to seal for better sleep right away!

Here are a few valuable guidelines that you must follow to experience the full benefits. If you suffer from sleep apnea, ear infections, severe heart disease, breathing problems, or low blood pressure, you should not use HUSH strips. If you have a cold, stuffy nose, or experienced skin irritation during use, call your health care provider.
  • Personal Health: HUSH strips are a simple, non-invasive, easy to use solution for the
    millions of people who suffer from snoring and poor sleep quality.
  • Innovative Sleep Aid:  The unique design allows for gentle and flexible movement, which is key to helping you
    achieve a night of restful sleep.
  • Quality of Life: Mouth strips allow you to breathe through your nose while sleeping,
    which leads to more efficient blood oxygenation, consistent deep sleep, less snoring,
    and better overall health!
  • Professional Grade: This sleep aid is made using premium, eco-friendly materials that
    have been shown to be safe for use by adults and children. They are hypoallergenic and
    gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Reduce Snoring: Our medical-grade adhesive gently lifts the soft palate off the uvula to
    allow air to flow freely through your nose while you sleep. Eliminate snoring for a better
    nights rest!