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Headgear for Philips Amara View Full Face Mask

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Headgear for Philips Amara View Full Face Mask

The Philips Respironics Amara View headgear strap is the replacement harness that holds the CPAP system in place and connect to the frame. It has a soft, comfortable fabric strap with quick release tabs for easy on and off, making it a quick disconnect. A sign that your headgear strap needs to be replaced would be the lack of fit and noticeable leak even with adjusting the strap. If you find yourself constantly over tightening the harness it will cause discomfort and leave marks on your face.

The innovative headgear is designed with four points of adjustment around the mask frame and a fifth point of adjustment using a crown strap at the top of the head. The crown strap crosses directly over the top of the head, creating a halo shape around the back of the user's head. The number of adjustment options creates a design that helps promote a more secure grip and even distribution of pressure.

** Headgear should be replaced every 3-6 months to minimize leaks and ensure a proper seal.