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CPAP Bed Pillow CPAPMax 2.0 from Contour

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CPAP Bed Pillow CPAPMax 2.0 from Contour

The CPAPmax Pillow's unique shape is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of CPAP mask wearers without causing pressure points or discomfort. The advanced 2-in-1 design lets you choose from a traditional fiberfill or plush memory foam sleeping surface; and the dual surface fitted cover allows you to sleep as you prefer on a naturally cooling 3D Mesh fabric or a warm, traditional feel.

Many CPAP & BiPAP patients find that traditional bed pillows interfere with mask performance, causing shifting, leaks and facial discomfort. The CPAPmax Pillow solves these problems performing better, and ultimately providing greater comfort, than traditional sleep pillows. CPAPmax's contoured shape features broad facial areas that provide support for side sleepers while allowing masks to extend over the pillow's edge; the ergonomic center depression provides comfort and support for back sleepers; and the arched front edge aligns with the natural curves of the neck and shoulders.

The CPAPmax dual sided construction (with fiber on one side and memory foam on the other) allows you to choose your preferred sleeping surface; and a removable 3/4-inch foam layer means you can adjust the pillow's height to suit your needs. The CPAPmax's interior also includes innovative perforations that ventilate all the way through the pillow allowing air to circulate and humidity and moisture to dissipate.

With it's unique design, features and construction the CPAPmax offers superb CPAP mask accommodation, excellent support and unparalleled comfort in a long lasting and affordable package! 

Benefits Of The CPAPMax Pillow 2.0:

    • Exclusively Designed For PAP Machine Users
    • Reduces Mask Shifting And Interference
    • Helps Stop Air Leak Noises
    • Minimizes Pressure on Face
    • Provides Better Head, Neck and Shoulder Comfort
    • Removable Layer To Adjust Pillow Thickness
    • Pillow Case is Included

Included In This Package


RETURN POLICY: Please be advised that this pillow is NOT returnable for credit. The manufacturer does not accept equipment returns from CPAP EquipSource for any reason other than warranty repairs.