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 Full-Face CPAP Mask Liners by Snugell

The Snugell brand full face mask liner is a fabric barrier that fits snugly between your CPAP mask and face. The fabric protects your skin and ensures the mask doesn’t irritate your face or leave marks. it may also have moisture-wicking or cooling properties. The Snugell Full Face Mask Liner protects your skin from the silicone of the cushion. It makes it more comfortable to wear and prevents irritation to your face. It also absorbs oil and sweat from your skin so the cushion lasts longer
  • UNIVERSAL MASK FIT: Compatible with most Full-face CPAP Mask brands, Snugell’s Universal CPAP Mask Liner is ergonomically designed to rest smoothly against your nose and face to maximize sleep comfort, and to reduce noisy airflow leaks.
  • MAXIMUM SLEEP COMFORT: Made of ultra-soft moisture-wicking breathable cotton fabric, Snugell’s mask liners allow the precise amount of airflow between your skin and CPAP mask to maintain your mask cool and skin dry throughout the night.
  • SMART ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our CPAP Mask Liner is designed with a small triangular-shaped opening that follows the CPAP mask cushion’s contour, as well as the user’s unique facial features.
  • REUSABLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE: Sungell’s CPAP Mask Liners can be Machine-washed with cold water, and air-dried multiple times to help you feel clean and refreshed every morning,
  • CONVINIENT 4-PACK: Snugell’s CPAP masks liners are the three times more cost-effective than disposable liners. Each mask liner can be reused 45 nights for a 6-month supply per pack, making it your perfect CPAP therapy companion.