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cpaptabs CPAP Mask Cushion Cleanser Tablets (96/Pk)

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cpapatbs CPAP Mask Cushion Cleanser Tablets (96/Pk)

The cpaptabs are a daily CPAP cushion cleanser, designed to remove any dirt, oil, or build-up from CPAP mask cushions. These tablets are safe to use on all CPAP mask cushions and each box comes with 96 of them for daily use. 

Since a dirty CPAP mask can contribute to less-effective CPAP treatment, using these tablets as a quick solution to cleaning a CPAP cushion will be beneficial not only for the cushion but for long-term CPAP compliance as well.  

cpaptabs CPAP Mask Cleaner Tablets Aids in CPAP Comfort

Not only do these tablets effectively clean CPAP cushions, but they also add additional comfort during therapy. That’s because, with the removal of residue on the cushion, the cushion is less likely to wear down or become an irritation on the skin. 

cpaptabs CPAP Mask Cushion Cleaners Increase CPAP Performance

CPAP equipment accumulates dirt and germs during therapy. With everyday use, the seal of the cushions become less effective without frequent cleaning and removal of built up dirt and germs. Maintaining a secure seal is essential to effective CPAP therapy. Resplabs CPAP mask cushion cleaners can help! If you use resplabs CPAP cleaner everyday, it will help keep your CPAP cushions clean and well maintained providing an effective seal and improved CPAP therapy performance. 

cpaptabs Mask Cushion Cleaners By resplabs Extend the Lifetime of CPAP Parts

Regular maintenance will help to prevent your CPAP masks, machine, cushion, and other equipment from faster deterioration due to built-up dirt, germs, bacteria, oils, and other contaminants. If your mask is dirty or clogged then it will decrease the effectiveness of your therapy by blocking the oxygen from flowing freely. A daily, fast cleaning with these mask cushion cleaning tablets will help avoid dirt and oil buildup on your CPAP mask cushion and extend its lifetime.

cpaptabs Mask Cushion Cleaner - Maintenance

Cleaning a CPAP mask cushion is easier than ever using these tablets. Simply drop one into a container of water and let it dissolve before putting your cushion in to cleanse it. Daily cleaning will prolong the lifespan of the cushion.

How to Use cpaptabs CPAP Mask Cushion Cleaners?

  1. Fill a small container with warm water.
  2. Drop the tablet into the water so it dissolves. 
  3. Put your CPAP cushion in the container, fully submerged, and soak it for at least 3 minutes.
  4. After 3 minutes, take the cushion out and rinse it thoroughly with only warm water. 
  5. Make sure your cushion is completely dry (air-dried or dried with a towel) before placing it back into your CPAP mask. 

cpaptabs Mask Cushion Cleaners By cpaphero - Compatibility

These cleaner tablets are safe to use on all CPAP mask cushions.