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CPAP Sanitizing Spray by Snugell

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CPAP Sanitizing Spray by Snugell

Snugell’s CPAP Sanitizing Spray is gentle on skin but tough on germs! Made without harsh chemicals, this skin-safe cleaning spray kills 99% of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms on your CPAP equipment in just sixty seconds without any scrubbing or residue left behind. 

Snugell CPAP Sanitizing Spray features:

  • Effectively Kills Germs
  • Won’t Degrade Silicone-Based Masks
  • Features Skin-Friendly Ingredients
  • Designed to Target All Surfaces Evenly

Effectively Removes Germs From Your CPAP Equipment: Snugell CPAP Sanitizing Spray uses benzalkonium chloride to kill 99% of harmful germs and bacteria that tend to build up over time on your mask, hose, and other surfaces. 

Won’t Degrade Silicone-Based Masks: This sanitizer is made without alcohol, bleach, or other harsh chemicals. So you can sanitize your equipment without causing harm to silicone surfaces or medical-grade plastics found in most CPAP masks and hoses.

Features Skin-Friendly Ingredients: Snugell’s CPAP Sanitizer features several moisturizing ingredients, including grape seed extract, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, and Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) extract, which have been proven to boost skin health! 

Conveniently Targets All Surfaces Evenly: Some competitor spray bottles are designed to deliver a concentrated stream of sanitizing solution to one small area while leaving other areas untouched. Snugell’s CPAP Sanitizing Spray bottle delivers an even spray with each pump, which delivers the product evenly across all surfaces. 

  • 16 Oz Spray Bottle of Snugell CPAP Sanitizing Spray
  • Instructions for Use Listed on Label