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Slim Hose for CPAP & BiPAP Machines (6 Foot)

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Slim Hose for CPAP & BiPAP Machines (6 Foot)

Slim Tubing is the ultra-light, slim and flexible. It eliminates drag on your mask and weight on your bed helping to improve overall mask fit and sleep comfort. Slim tubing features a smart-fit cuff design that makes it easier to attach and remove the hose from your machine and mask.

ULTRA LIGHT & FLEXIBLE: With the introduction of minimalist, ultra-light CPAP masks it is more important ever to reduce the dragging and pulling that can be caused by traditional, heavy CPAP hoses and tubing. Slim Performance Tubing solves that problem with reduced weight and added convenience.

WORKS GREAT: It includes ergonomically designed end caps that are easier to grasp and remove; and the universal cuffs make it easy to connect this tubing to any CPAP mask.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SLIM TUBING CAPABLE CPAP & BIPAP MACHINES: That have a setting option for 15mm Tubing on your machines menu.