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CPAP Aromatherapy Starter Kit By Pur-Sleep

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CPAP Aromatherapy Starter Kit By Pur-Sleep

The CPAP Aromatherapy starter kit offers pure essential oil aromatics that quickly penetrate and soothe your nasal passages so you can breathe deep and sleep well with your CPAP machine. Experience the soothing effect of 100% pure essential oil vapors penetrating eucalyptus with a hint of lavender and rosemary or refreshing menthol peppermint with a bit of lime.

Place the scented Diffusion Pad into the slot in the Diffusion Stand. You can either slide one end of the Diffusion Stand beneath the air filter on the back of your machine or bend down the ends of the Diffusion Stand to create a raised tray as shown in the picture. Place the Diffuser so that the top is about one inch below the CPAP air intake. It may be necessary to elevate either the CPAP or the Diffuser to achieve this configuration. Be sure that your equipment is secure. Avoid drafty areas (ceiling fans, vents). Then use your equipment as usual.

If the aroma is too strong, move the Diffuser away from the air intake and use less oil the next time. If the smell is not strong enough, make sure that the air intake is about 3/4 to one inch above the top of the Diffuser. Do not block the air intake! Remember that a light background aroma is best and that the smell will be the strongest during the first 20 minutes.

Use the same pad for the same oil type. Store pads in a small zip-lock plastic bag. Pads may be washed as desired with plenty of mild detergent. Rinse well and air dry.

Experiment with the oils to find one that you find to be pleasant. To dispense oils, open the bottle, cover the dispenser with a Diffusion Pad and quickly turn over the bottle and pad. This procedure will dispense about one drop of oil. Repeat the same procedure on a different spot on the pad to dispense more drops as desired.

Included With This Package
  • (1) Diffusion Stand
  • (4) Reusable Diffusion Pads
  • (1) 5ml Bottle of Clear (peppermint and lime)
  • (1) 5ml Bottle of Calm (eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary)