Home Sleep Apnea Study

Sleep testing mode easy and convenient with the watch PAT ONE!

  • No doctors visit required
  • Just one night of testing
  • Test results in 2 days
  • Start on CPAP therapy in about a week or less!

Why should you test yourself for sleep apnea? Check out this youtube video for that answer

93% of buyers have recommended this.

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Product Description


With our home sleep test, there are no doctor’s visits or prescriptions involved. We are partnered with a certified sleep doctor who interprets our tests.

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HST is much, much less expensive compared to an in-lab test, HST is between 1/3rd and 1/10th of the cost of an in-lab study and in most cases the outcome is the same.

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Patients wait weeks, sometimes longer for appointments at sleep labs; home sleep tests can be picked up from CPAP EquipSource at any point.

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If your test results in a positive diagnosis for OSA you can purchase the machine and supplies needed to begin your therapy with the prescription that will be provided from our sleep doctor.

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How Our Process Works


Add the Home Sleep Apnea Test service (HSAT) to the cart on this site and submit payment. You can also visit our retail store or call us at 1-833-285-0660 to place an order.


We will e-mail a DocuSign electronic document to complete and provide us with some personal and medical information for the sleep doctor to review and approve the test. If the doctor does not approve the HSAT we will provide a full refund within 48 hours.


Upon receipt of the completed documents and HSAT test approval from the doctor, we will mail the WatchPat One to your home or the device can be picked up at our store.


The WatchPat One comes with easy-to-use instructions and is patient ready. You wear the device during sleep time and the monitor will collect enough data after about 5 hours of sleep.


Our board-certified sleep physician reviews and interprets the test data and makes therapy recommendations based on a positive diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).


Finally the doctor signs the CPAP prescription. Customer now has the prescription to purchase a new CPAP machine and supplies to begin therapy.


CPAP EquipSource does not bill Medicare, Medicaid or any type of health insurance company for the HST test, CPAP equipment or supplies. The total cost is the patient’s financial responsibility. Receipt will be provided to the patient with the appropriate medical billing codes that can possibly be used for reimbursement from your insurance provider.