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Home Sleep Apnea Testing

With our CleveMed Home Sleep Testing device, you can enjoy the comfort of your own bed during an evaluation of sleep apnea. No doctor visit, prescription or insurance is required for your Home Sleep Test!

How Home Sleep Testing Works

Home Sleep Apnea Testing is 1-2-3 Easy!


Pick Up Your Home Sleep Testing Device

Stop by our convenient retail store to pick up your home sleep testing kit. We are located right off I-71 in Middleburg Heights. We have kits in stock. Stop by today, test tonight! 


Test From the Comfort of Home

No overnight stays, no inconvenience to you. You test from the comfort of your own home. Your Home Sleep Testing Kit comes with easy step-by-step instructions!


Get Your Home Sleep Test Results Fast

Let's face it, no one likes to wait. You'll get your results fast - usually within 24 hours. If you've been worried that it might be sleep apnea, there has never been a better way to find out. 

home sleep testing

How Affordable?

Our Home Sleep Testing Kit is ONLY $299.00 and $425.00 with a CPAP Prescription!

You save money compared to a traditional sleep apnea testing in a lab with costs an average of $1,300.00. 

No Prescription or Insurance Needed!

Rather than visiting a sleep center in a hospital or lab facility for a test conducted by a technician, simply purchase a Home Sleep Test (HST) from CPAP EquipSource for a more comfortable, cost and time efficient test!

For an additional fee, we can also have your results interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Physician who can then prescribe your CPAP order if needed. 

sleep apnea testing

How Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

A Home Sleep Test or HST can now be used to test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The advantage of the HST is that you are being recorded in your own bed, so it is more likely to reflect what actually happens each night. It is also significantly less expensive and much more convenient. 

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

If you suspect sleep apnea, a Home Sleep Test is your next step. You can take your sleep test from the safely and comfort of your own home - no sleep lab required! 

Obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder.

Home Sleep Test  Document Downloads

Your Home Sleep Testing Device

Learn More About the ApneaLink Air Sleep Testing Device by ResMed.

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Home Sleep Testing Instructions

Easy to Follow step-by-step Instructions on How to Administer Your Sleep Test.

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Home Sleep Testing Order Form

You Can Easily Download and Print Your Home Sleep Testing Order Form. 

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