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Serving the the Greater Cleveland and Middlegurg Heights Ohio area, our CPAP Shop is fully stocked with all types of CPAP euipment and supplies. 


We offer you the opportunity to come in to our CPAP Shop and see the products before making a purchase. We have the latest CPAP masks and CPAP machines on the market, but if you don’t see what you want, we can order it for you! 

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Why Choose CPAP EquipSource CPAP Shop?

Many CPAP patients have become tired and frustrated dealing with their current provider due to lack of service or mask and supply options. Insurance companies make it difficult for patients to approve and receive what they need to begin therapy. This results in patients not getting the appropriate equipment and supplies that they desperately need to use their prescribed CPAP machine to get a good night’s sleep and have a better quality of life.

Insurers do not want to pay for medical equipment that is not being used. Therefore, most will initially lease the CPAP machine for you. This will allow you an opportunity to demonstrate that the treatment is tolerable and effective. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not overcome initial problems getting used to CPAP therapy. Therefore, many people do not use the therapy long term, even though it can be extremely effective if it is tolerated. After a lease period that typically lasts 13 months, the insurer will have completely paid for the machine and you will own it outright.

Usage monitoring helps to ensure adequate compliance. During the first few months, the insurer will want to keep tabs on you to make certain you are one of the patients who can tolerate it. If it sits in your closet gathering dust, this doesn’t help treat your condition and it wastes the insurance company’s money. CPAP devices have a modem or an SD card that collects data on your use through monitoring. This can be used to generate a report that tells how much you use the device. This data is used to dictate payment for the machine.

In general, you must use your CPAP at least 4 hours per night, 70 percent of the nights for insurance companies to pay for the device.

This criterion is based on Medicare’s standard that, in turn, is based on studies that show at least 4 hours of use are required for the cardiovascular benefit of treatment. This compliance is typically measured over a continuous period of 30 days within the first 3 months that you have the CPAP. In addition, you must check in with your sleep specialist who will assess your response to treatment and ensure you are deriving a benefit. If you are unable to meet that compliance threshold, or it simply is not helping you, the insurer will demand that the machine is returned to the DME provider and will not pay for it.

CPAP EquipSource helps solve this problem by giving customers a physical location to come and pick-up the equipment, supplies and cleaning devices needed to continue their therapy. We also take phone orders and can ship anywhere in the USA.

sleep apnea testing

For Truckers : Are you A Commercial Driver With Sleep Apnea?

High Insurance Deductibles?
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We offer the lowest prices on CPAP machines and supplies at our CPAP Shop. We also work closely with truckers with no insurance or high insurance deductibles.

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• Affordable Home Sleep Apnea Testing
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• Routine Compliance Downloads

Are you ready for your DOT Physical? Our trained staff can download data from SD card or CPAP Machine and send it to your doctor or employer to verify your compliance for $34.95 per download.

If you hold a CDL, or are required by your employer or doctor to be tested for sleep apnea, contact CPAP EquipSource at 1-833-285-0660 for all of your testing and therapy treatment needs.

CPAP or BiPAP Download Services

We will download the memory from your machine and provide you with a detail sheet for your review as well as your next appointment with your sleep physician. This report will give you vital information for you to review with your doctor to ensure you are receiving proper CPAP therpay as well as ensuring you are receiving maximum benefit. Reports will vary based on the manufacturer of your CPAP or BiPAP (Bi-Level) machine. Most of the machine will allow you to review the following;

• Therapy usage (time used at therpaeutic pressure)
• Average Daily Usage
• Days used
• Days used greater than 4 hours (4 hours of use per night is the benchmark for a patient being compliant)
• AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index) which is used to determine whether the machine is working appropriately at the settings. An AHI of less than 5 on a CPAP machine or BiPAP machine is considered good.
• Leak (this information allows us to see if your mask is leaking too much which could effect how much you are benfiting from your CPAP machine or BiPAP machine) Leak rates vary on style of mask.
• Daily breakdown of usage
• Daily breakdown of AHI
• Daily breakdown of Leak

Meeting the CPAP Equipment and Supply Needs of Our Customers with Compassion and Integrity at Our CPAP Shop!


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CPAP EquipSource is a direct payment only medical distributor and does not accept insurance assignment and is not a participating provider with any insurance companies. Purchasing through us often cheaper than your copay and deductible through insurance or renting a machine. Check with your private insurer to see if they will reimburse you directly for the purchase. Medicare, Medicaid and other government run healthcare programs will not reimburse customers for out of pocket purchases.